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PLS Behavioral Training

Located in Central NC, PLS Behavioral Training offers evidence-based professional training for health professionals. They focus on advanced methodologies to enhance the skills and knowledge of healthcare providers in various specialties.



The project involved creating an online presence for PLS Behavioral Training, a Central NC-based organization of qualified health professionals. The goal was to design a website that effectively showcases their evidence-based training services for health professionals and staff, aligning with their commitment to quality and expertise in the field.



The design strategy was tailored to communicate the professionalism and credibility of PLS Behavioral Training. Daniel chose a color scheme and visual elements that reflect the seriousness and scientific basis of their training programs. The layout was designed for ease of navigation, enabling users to effortlessly find course information, schedules, and booking options. Emphasis was placed on creating an informative and resource-rich platform that caters to the needs of health professionals seeking advanced training.



The website successfully positioned PLS Behavioral Training as a leader in professional health education in Central NC. It became an essential resource for health professionals seeking advanced training, significantly increasing the organization’s online visibility and engagement. The user-friendly design and informative content structure not only enhanced the user experience but also elevated the organization's reputation in the professional community, thereby contributing to their growth and outreach.

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